• Y Combinator, “Fundraising Advice from Female Founders”

  • How to Secure VC Funding When You're the Only Woman in the Room

  • A startup founder who was rejected 148 times before raising almost $30 million made 2 small changes to get investors excited.

  • 7 Women Investors Reveal What's Different When a Woman Evaluates Your Pitch

  • What you need to raise a Series A (and why it isn’t 100k MRR) by Ophelia Brown, Founder of Blossom Capital.

  • Tips for Latinx Founders

  • What Every Early-Stage Founder Should Know About Valuations

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  • Fundraising While Pregnant: How to Raise $20 Million for Your Startup

  • On a maternity leave as a startup founder - The journey of refocusing life.

  • How I raised a $1.7M pre-seed led by Sequoia & South Park Commons to transform retail

  • How do you get male Venture Capitalists to Invest in your female-targeted product?

  • Why you should spend time on an investor update email, and what to think about.

  • Four levers to optimise your funding round

VC Platform

  • Paths into Venture Capital: Decoding the VC Platform role.

  • Bethany Crystal of USV on measuring the impact of a VC platform strategy.

Sales & Marketing

Raising a fund

  • A VC who just raised $22 million to invest in startups reveals one thing you should never say to a female investor

Software engineering

Product Management

  • How product managers can use metrics for good storytelling.

  • Taruna Manchanda of Swiggy onthe Product Management skills NO ONE talks about. 

  • 5 women entrepreneurs on the business pivot that changed everything. From expanding into a new market before you’re ready to completely changing your core mission, you’ll feel inspired by these daring women who pivoted their companies and changed everything.


  • What school did you go to? Venture capital’s major diversity problem 40% of venture capitalists went to Harvard or Stanford

  • HBR finds Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs — and It Affects How Much Funding They Get

  • Quartz analyzed the top female founders to understand why their companies are worth just 20% of men’s

  • There are very real differences in how women and men (and VCs) view entrepreneurship

  • Why Women Volunteer for Tasks That Don’t Lead to Promotions

  • Women Benefit When They Downplay Gender

  • Finally, Evidence That Diversity Improves Financial Performance

  • Boston Consulting Group finds female-led startups raise less, earn more

  • Harvard Business Review findsinvestorspunish entrepreneurs for stereotypically feminine behaviors.

  • Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men,but Are Less Likely to Get Them

  • Women Entrepreneurship Report: Hundreds of Female Founders Speak Out on Ambition, Politics, and #MeToo.


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